Student Feedback from Spring Semester Online 2021

29 April 2021

Each semester IDSA asks all students to fill out the student survey, which is essential to the operation of the school.

Please see below some of our favourite comments from the Spring Semester Online 2021.

“I found this term challenging and so rewarding. My understanding of breaking down a text and my role as an actor are now much clearer. I understand more and am comfortable taking risks as I have more technique to lean on. I have found Joshua Roche’s class on monologues exceptional as he is so clear and rigorous in making sure that we understand what he is asking of us. Another great term. Thank you.”
Kez Anderson

“Charlie Norburn is an amazing and considerate teacher. From small things such as starting the term by asking everyone’s pronouns and for trigger warnings if the content was going to be violent/sexual, it made such a lovely and safe space. Since he started the term with this, it led to everyone enjoying the lessons and feeling like they were constantly improving as he gave us each a great amount of time for detailed feedback.”
Rebecca Rahman-Gonzalez

“I am so grateful for how transformative the structure and culture of IDSA is! It sets the expectation to believe in your value as an artist, learn from others and celebrate each other’s wins, and DO the WORK. I feel more like an artist of the craft because of these classes!”
Ja’Michael De’Shawn Darnell

“I’ve been at IDSA for almost a year now and the quality of learning that I am receiving is top of the line. Everyday I pray to open myself so that I may be able to enjoy. Recently, I worked on a tv set for the first time since the pandemic started, and my experience was nothing less than fantastic. This is because of my training at IDSA. Thank you so much!”
Shani Jones

“I didn’t anticipate that my acting school would be aligned to me on a soul level. I am so grateful for my instructors. I’ve been applying my class lessons to my life as well and… what magic it has been so far.”
Desiree Rawls

“I’ve had a fantastic experience with the online fresher course, it’s really pushed me to develop my craft but in a fully supportive environment with great tutors and talented classmates.”
Mark Hampton

“I love being a student at IDSA! Best decision of my career to train with this program.”
Airric Qualls

“IDSA has taught me another level of discipline and I want to thank you for your support and understanding when I went through a dark place.”
Kathy Griffiths

“I am enjoying my time here immensely. I am so grateful to have found a safe and challenging place during such a crazy time.”
Eva Jerkins