Thinking of Applying for IDSA?

Thinking about applying for Identity School of Acting (IDSA) but just haven’t got around to it?

Hear from our recent applicants about how they found the IDSA audition process via Zoom.

“I found it extremely pleasurable. Sam was a fantastic guide throughout the process, highly intelligential in the field of acting, and created an eagerness to be a part of his classes. I actually took notes and learned a thing or two within the audition! (Talk about getting your money’s worth). It was very impressive.”
– Whitney Deal

“Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a great and welcoming experience. I truly enjoyed Sam’s direction and guidance through the audition along with Ade’s insightful words at the beginning and closing of the audition. Having us turn our cameras and mics off during the warmups and scenes allowed for us to truly focus on the person we are creating/working with. I forgot at one point that it was indeed an audition.”
– Cassi Maddox

“I found it fantastic and so much fun. It was nerve-wracking but Sam made us feel so welcome and was super professional throughout.”
– Sarah Homsi

“I thought it was very well done. It was easy to follow and actually one of the best audition experiences I’ve had. I had so much fun. And if I didn’t already want to get into the school, the audition experience made it tenfold. So basically a perfectly splendid experience!”
– Sonia Relander

For any queries regarding auditioning for IDSA please email [email protected]