Course Overview

Both aspiring and professional actors attend Identity School of Acting (IDSA) to gain intensive, part-time training from specialist coaches, to strengthen their capacity for self-expression across mind, movement and body.

As a student at IDSA, you will delve deeply into a wide range of disciplines, and consolidate the skills and knowledge provided by our carefully curated curriculum, propelling you into a more unique approach to storytelling.

As each term builds on the next, you will advance in your understanding of each subject, with classes becoming increasingly demanding as you hone your craft. Our curriculum provides you with a comprehensive breadth of training to develop your technique and artistry throughout the year.

We offer both a two day per week and three day per week course, that is specifically designed for those eager to break into theatre, television and film without committing to a full time academic degree.


Two Day Course

Our two day per week curriculum provides students with comprehensive classical & contemporary training with emphasis placed on your aptitude for self-expression within collaborative classes, rehearsals and our integrated performance opportunities.

Our two day curriculum gives students the opportunity to focus on four modules a term to enhance style and technique, and in preparation for a Showcase or Filmcase in the Summer term.

The Two Day Curriculum incorporates the following:
○ Training two days per week
○ Textual analysis, screen, vocal training and movement.
○ Movement techniques including; clowning, Laban and/or Stage Combat.
○ The opportunity to partake an in-house presentation in front of IAG talent agents.
○ Audition technique
○ Screenplay and script analysis with scene playback
○ Opportunity to join the 3 days program based on availability
○ Access to industry talks
○ Access to exclusive Masterclasses and workshops
○ Access to agency Labs

Three Day Course

Created as an extension to our two day course, the three-day per week curriculum is open to all who attend IDSA. Students who are accepted on to our three day course, benefit from an additional fifth module; The Performance Module, as part of their training curriculum.

The Performance Module is centred on enhancing your creative performance skills and your capacity for self-expression. It offers students, more of the skills they need to build their craft as an artist across theatre, film and television and is an ideal option for those who wish to expand their aptitude for creating realistic characterisations, and profound stories.

As a student on the three day course, you will be given the opportunity to perform a stage performance on completion of your training.

The Three Day Curriculum provides students with:
Textual analysis, screen, vocal training and movement.
○ Movement techniques including; clowning, Laban and/or Stage Combat.
○ The opportunity to partake in two presentations in front of IAG talent agents.
○ Additional performance-focused module, including rehearsed and directed performance in each class.
○ Audition technique
○ Screenplay and script analysis with scene playback
○ Opportunity to join the 3 days program based on availability
○ Access to industry talks
○ Access to exclusive Masterclasses and workshops
○ Access to agency Labs

Freshers Course

On being accepted into IDSA, adults (21+) are placed onto the Freshers course. The Fresher Course is a two term module covering various disciplines of both stage and screen acting. Both terms will be dedicated to style and techniques, and on completion of the second term there will be an in-house presentation.

The students who graduate from the Fresher’s Course will be assessed and placed into one of the tier groups listed below. All IDSA students will be given the choice to join either the two day or three day curriculum.

Unlike the Adults, Young Actors (under 21’s will be placed directly on to one of the tiers below, or an affiliated tier group. All according to our internal assessment of self-expression and aptitude during your audition.

Performance Opportunities

We offer performance opportunities designed to allow students to showcase the skills and techniques they’ve acquired throughout training at IDSA. Both our Spring term showcase, and the Autumn Filmcase (relevant only to those students on our Three Day course), are directed by established directors within our faculty, and are a means of displaying the artistic growth of our students. Our performances also facilitate opportunities for agents from leading talent agency, IAG to assess actors with the potential to be signed.
Although IDSA students are not guaranteed representation by IAG, 85% of clients signed to IAG’s roster are alumni or are currently training at IDSA.


Auditions Now Open For Summer 2020