IDSA in association with Netflix

28 January 2021
IDSA is thrilled to be in association with Netflix in 2021, as part of our continued mission to further enrich the student experience at IDSA, and to encourage diversity within the arts.

Many students joined us for the IDSA Actor’s Lounge with Netflix Q&As a few weeks ago where they had the opportunity to hear insights from and ask questions of some of the industry’s leading artists: Spike Lee, Delroy Lindo, Gary Oldman, and David Fincher.

IDSA is delighted to announce that this is just the beginning of our unique relationship with Netflix, as part of our aligned mission to support the best global talent in all its diversity.

Our partnership with Netflix will extend through five key areas:

– The IDSA Actor’s Lounge will continue. We are looking forward to offering many more insightful events and workshops over the coming year, giving students the chance to engage with incredible actors and directors.

– IDSA is committed to identifying and developing the most promising actors, regardless of their economic background. To help us with this, Netflix will be sponsoring thirty promising students every year who wouldn’t be able to afford to train otherwise. Economic circumstances shouldn’t be something that determines who is able to train as an actor, and we’ll be sending out more details on who is eligible for this sponsorship over the coming weeks.

– Netflix will be working with us to create a new screenwriting module called TYPECAST, where we will identify and nurture the next generation of screenwriting talent.

– IDSA and Netflix will be making a series of short films using a selection of scripts from the Typecast collective, which will be produced to the highest standards, giving our actors and writers a unique opportunity to showcase the skills they’ve learnt.

– Student’s personal welfare is incredibly important to us. To help us support your well-being, Netflix will be providing funds to develop and expand our pastoral care system.

These are just the start of the many wonderful opportunities that 2021 will provide for IDSA students. Netflix’s decision to partner with us is reflective of the innovation and unique approach that has made IDSA stand apart from other acting schools, as the leading institution for nurturing and developing the next generation of ground-breaking and diverse and acting talent.

Virtual Online Auditions Open For Summer Term (April) 2021