IDSA Online Course Overview


COVID-19 is changing the way that we live and work. IDSA has responded to this changing situation by moving our courses online, creating immersive virtual classrooms where our tutors continue to deliver the practical, rigorous tuition that our students expect. This means that students will be able to continue their vocational training whilst exploring a wide range of styles and techniques specifically geared towards developing their skills as actors working in an ever-changing industry.

At IDSA, we have been developing and building our online curriculum since March 2020, and we are proud to say that over this time we have honed and fine-tuned the craft of teaching acting online to deliver a unique programme like no other. You will work with tutors who are leaders in their field, learning skills which are incredibly relevant to the industry both as it is now and in the future. Our pioneering Online Course has earned a 95% combined result of Very Good and Good, as voted for by our students in our termly Student Survey.

In the Spring Term (January 2021) students will have the choice of staying online or attending either the London or Los Angeles branch.

Our dynamic Online Course is accessible to actors worldwide.


Course Dates, IDSA Online Course:

Academic Year 2020/2021

Spring Term Online:

Spring Term Dates: 11th January – 11th April 2021

Spring Half-Term Break: 22nd – 28th February 2021  


Summer Term Online:

Summer Term Dates: 26th April – 25th July 2021

Summer Half-Term Break: 7th – 13th June 2021

At IDSA, we understand the impact that the current economic climate will have had on our students, and we want to make sure that we support you and continue to provide affordable, high quality acting training for everyone. For this reason, we have significantly reduced our fees to support our students throughout this period.


Please note: Payments can be made in one, two or three instalments and are only payable in British Pound Sterling (£).

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Course Structure & Modules

IDSA Online is about subtlety and nuance, fine-tuning performances, and developing our students’ skill in working within a smaller frame. You can expect the same rigour and expert teaching that you would get in a physical studio – with online video classrooms, playback and direct notes on your performances, practical skills which you can use in castings and self-tapes, and a wealth of new styles and techniques designed to reflect the changing nature of our industry.

Our innovative Online Course will include the following modules, all of which will be taught in online classrooms.



This is the craft of screen acting and will focus on delivering truthful, realistic screen performances, looking intensively at close-ups and mid shots. Students will work on a mix of live performance and pre-recorded segments and can expect a detailed analysis of their ability to work in a subtle, close upshot. The core of these classes will be practical work on film and television scripts, with constant reference to the technical knowledge needed to work in these fields. Every student will finish the module with an enhanced understanding of how to apply their skills to work on screen.


Audition Technique

You will prepare audition pieces and perform them live as you would for an online casting. With many employers now accepting only online submissions, this will give you the skills to work in this new environment. Working with the latest scripts and casting sides, you will also record and submit self-tapes in the way that many castings now call for, and will receive intensive feedback in front of the class on how to improve this essential skill.


Text & Performance

An actor must be able to understand, break down, and analyse a script, at IDSA you will learn the skills to do this, translating this into dynamic, exciting performances. During these modules, you will work intensively on scenes from contemporary texts. As your IDSA course progresses, you will expand your ability to work on increasingly challenging scenes. As with all classes at IDSA, this module is highly practical and you can expect to perform in every lesson, receiving direct feedback and detailed notes from your tutors.


Radio Plays

In this module, you will develop the skills needed to work on radio plays, podcasts, and audiobooks. You will also learn how to respond to the unique challenges of working in this field, as well as developing an understanding of the practical and technical requirements of acting using your voice.



This will involve intensive study and performance of monologues, and you will finish the module with an enhanced grasp of how to perform an active monologue in such a way that it reaches and affects a listener. You will have at least one working monologue by the end of the module.



Improv at IDSA is designed to train you in spontaneity, following impulses, and finding truth in performance. You will also learn how to use improvisational techniques and active analysis during a rehearsal process, enhancing your performances for both screen and stage.



A rich, well-trained voice is one of the most useful tools available to an actor. At IDSA, you will learn practical techniques to strengthen and develop your voice, bringing life and texture to your performances. You can expect to learn not just pure voice, but also how to apply it to text and performance of all sorts, learning the skills needed not just to use your voice for stage and screen, but also for audiobooks and radio drama.



This course delves into the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and you will learn not only the skills needed to understand and perform these plays but also how to apply the techniques used in classical text to contemporary text. Shakespeare’s are constantly reimagined on both stage and screen, and by the end of this module, you will have the ability to work on these classic texts.

We are very excited about the tremendous opportunities we are able to offer you with this new way of learning. COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the world of performance, and we are all faced with a choice as to how we meet this new challenge. At IDSA, we have adapted and responded to this new world by focusing on the skills that an actor needs to work and thrive.


Virtual Online Auditions Now Open For Spring Term (January) 2021